Who does what

The Oxford Deanery and Postgraduate Medical Dean are responsible for the organisation and quality assessment of postgraduate medical training in the region.

The specialties are organised into schools which administer the training programme and are responsible with the deanery for ensuring the quality of the programme. The Oxford Ophthalmology School is run by a board comprising the Head of School, College Tutors, Lay Advisor, Head of School from another specialty, Regional Advisor, Trainee Representative and Programme manager.

The training programme and rotation is organised by the Training Programme Director. In smaller schools this role may be merged with the Head of School. They are helped by the Programme Manager who works at the deanery. They ensure that posts are avertised correctly and organise appointment committees. They also maintain a training folder to ensure that each trainee has met the necessary paperwork to qualify for for CCT. They are a useful source of help if you wish to modify your training; for example undertake a PhD or have a baby!   

The College Tutors in each hospital are responsible for the local training programme within the trust. They also work with the trust Director of Medical Education who is responsible for all medical training within the trust.  The College Tutor is also the Educational Supervisor for the trainees but may be helped by other Educational Supervisors if the number of trainees in the trust is large (more than 4).

The GMC defines the Educational Supervisor as:  ‘A trainer who is selected and appropriately trained to be responsible for the overall supervision and management of a specified trainee’s educational progress during a training placement or series of placements. The educational supervisor is responsible for the trainee’s Educational Agreement.’

Trainees should meet regularly with their educational supervisor to ensure that they are progressing appropriately. They are the first port of call to discuss any problems the trainee may have. They will also prepare a report with the help of reports from Clinical Supervisors for the ARCP. 

Day to day work will be supervised by Clinical Supervisors or Trainers, these are usually the Consultants or senior doctors with whom the trainee works.

The GMC defines a Clinical Supervisor as: ‘A trainer who is selected and appropriately trained to be responsible for overseeing a specified trainee’s clinical work and providing constructive feedback during a training placement.' Trainees will probably have more than one Clinical Supervisor during each training placement.

The Regional Advisor is appointed by the RCOphth (as indeed are the College Tutors). They have the role of advising generally on the practice of ophthalmology and promoting the specialty in the region. In Oxford the Regional Advisor chairs the ARCP meeting. They also advise on the structure of new medical jobs in the region.