Welcome to the Oxford Deanery  School of Ophthalmology. As a small school with 24 specialist trainees on the rotation it is able to provide excellent training in all aspects of Ophthalmology.

There is a wealth of clinical experience to be gained with plenty of hands on experience at an appropriate level of supervision. All of the sub-specialty areas of ophthalmology are covered allowing advanced trainees to specialise further undertaking TSCs or ASTOs.

Many of the consultant trainers are involved at a national level in training, research and development of their sub-specialty area making the training rotation a particularly enthusiastic one.

The academic department of ophthalmology in Oxford has an excellent reputation and plays an important part in the clinical school. A clinical lecturer post has been established to support liaison between the clinical and academic departments.

Opportunities exist for some trainees to take time out to undertake research leading to a MD or PhD. Involvement in research and audit is very much encouraged during clinical training.

The following hospitals are involved in the training rotation.

Oxford Eye Hospital, Oxford

Buckinghamshire Hospitals Trust

(Incorporating Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Wycombe General Hospital and Amersham Hospital)

Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading

(Incorporating the Prince Charles Eye Unit, Windsor)

Milton Keynes General Hospital, Milton Keynes

Trainees are expected to rotate through most of the Hospitals during their training period although the programme director will be as helpful as possible if special circumstances arise. All trainees are involved in providing a supervised casualty service.  

Although trainees are usually appointed at ST1 level following two years foundation training, training opportunities occasionally arise for more senior trainees. The rotation is happy to support interdeanery transfers but the size of the rotation means that opportunities to transfer in are not always available.

All trainees undergo regular appraisal with the College Tutor or their Educational Supervisor who will keep a close watch on progress and help ensure that the requirements for the national curriculum in the specialty are fulfilled.

A formal educational contract for each sector of the rotation is agreed at the initial appraisal.  A formal training assessment is held yearly. Before starting microsurgical training trainees will undertake a microsurgical course at the Royal College of Ophthalmology in London.

Please do get in touch if you wish to hear more about the rotation (pgmde.recruitment(at)oxford-pgmde.co.uk).